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7000 BCE 6500 BCE 6000 BCE 5500 BCE 5000 BCE 4500 BCE 4000 BCE 3500 BCE 3000 BCE 2500 BCE 2000 BCE 1500 BCE 1000 BCE 500 BCE  
7000 BCE - 5000 BCE: Earliest known human habitation on the Acropolis and around the Agora of Athens.
580 BCE - 560 BCE: The main temple of the acropolis, Temple C, was built at Selinus.
490 BCE - 480 BCE: A 1.4m tall Iris or Nike sculpture is erected on the acropolis of Athens in memory of the general Kallimachos, killed in the battle of Marathon.
447 BCE: Construction of the Acropolis of Athens begins under Pericles' leadership.
437 BCE - 431 BCE: The Propylaea is constructed on the acropolis of Athens under the supervision of Mnesicles.
425 BCE - 420 BCE: The Temple dedicated to Athena Nike is constructed on the acropolis of Athens.
421 BCE - 406 BCE: The Erechtheion of Athens acropolis is constructed with six Caryatids in the south porch.
379 BCE: Pelopidas removes the Spartan garrison from the Theban acropolis.
250 BCE: The first structures are built on the North Acropolis, Tikal.
7000 BCE 6000 BCE 5000 BCE 4000 BCE 3000 BCE 2000 BCE 1000 BCE

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