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We're the world's most-visited ancient history website with millions of readers every month. We also have over 600,000 followers on social media. You can reach out to this network of world travellers, history lovers, teachers and students by booking advertising space on our website, with a number of flexible options.

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Top 5 Reasons to advertise with us

  1. We have more monthly readers than any history magazine (print and online combined) or any other ancient history website, including the British Museum and the Louvre.
  2. Reach your customers of today and tomorrow: The majority of our readers are Generation Y / Millennials with an above-average disposable income.
  3. Our website is elegant, well-edited and trusted by educators around the world, with original top-quality content. You will be proud to showcase your product here.
  4. Real human beings work here. We'll work hard to find just the right customized advertising solution for you!
  5. Our pricing is flexible and very reasonable (see below).



For direct advertising placements, we recommend our best-performing ad unit in the top right position, with a size of 300x600 pixels. Our pricing is based on the number of times your ad is shown ("impressions"). We offer several packages of interest to small to medium advertisers, which can be booked either as monthly campaigns or one-off placements:

Package Price Impressions
Small $50 12,500
Medium $150 40,000
Pro $300 100,000

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Our audience

We have a very interesting audience for most brands. While we are visited by people from all ages, professions, and interests, there are certain trends. Compared to other history publications, our audience is...

  • young (peak audience is 25-34 years old)
  • affluent (income 36% above US national median)
  • educated (57% have a university degree)

In terms of interest, we have found that many of our readers could be described as...

  • History enthusiasts
  • World travellers
  • Book worms
  • Film buffs
  • Students (34%) and teachers (5%)

We also have more visitor data verified by the independent third-party company SimilarWeb.


Why we display ads

As our goal is to provide highest-quality ancient history content for free on the internet, we believe that advertisements are in line with our vision. They allow us to cover some minimal costs while keeping access to our site free to all users.

We will never compromise the quality of our content at the request of an advertiser, and we make strong efforts to display ads that are appropriate and tasteful, as well as relevant to our users. We reserve the right to refuse ads which are not in keeping with our vision. Porn, illegal software, scams, and shady financial advertisements are definitely not welcome!