Latin Charts


Pronoun Charts

is, ea, id "he, she, it, the one mentioned; subst.; that, such, of such a sort, of the character, so great "
hic, haec, hoc "this "
ille, illa, illud "that "
ipse, ipsa, ipsum "(intensive pronoun) "
iste, ista, istud "this, that, he, she; II. In gen., as a strong demonstr., that, this, the very, that particular, he, she, it: ; III. Praegn., such, of such a kind: "
quī, quae, quod "(relative pronoun) "
quis, quis, quid "(interrogative pronoun) "

Irregular Verbs

sum, esse, fuī, futūrus sum "to be, exist, live; to be "
eō, īre, iī, itus sum "to go, walk, ride, sail, fly, move, pass "
volō, velle, voluī, - "to will, wish, want, purpose, be minded, determine "
mālō, mālle, māluī, - "to choose rather, prefer "

Regular Verbs

vocō, vocāre, vocāvī, vocātus sum "to call, summon, invoke, call together, convoke "
moneō, monēre, monuī, monitus sum "to remind, put in mind of, admonish, advise, warn, instruct, teach "
coquō, coquere, coxī, coctus sum "to cook, prepare by cooking, bake, boil, roast, parch, steep, melt, heat "
faciō, facere, fēcī, factus sum "to make, construct, fashion, frame, build, erect, produce, compose "
partiō, partīre, partīvī, partītus sum "to share, part, distribute, apportion, divide "

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