Mount Zion Excavation, Jerusalem, Israel

3D Image

by archaeobotics
published on 27 February 2017

Excavation area on the Mount Zion Protestant Cemetery in Jerusalem, final stage of the 2015 field season. See annotations for further details.

See (in English) or (in German) for a detailed field report or click to view on a map.

Model derived from image series photographed by Katharina Palmberger.

K. Palmberger, D. Vieweger, Die Grabung im Anglikanisch-Preußischen Friedhof auf dem Zionsberg in Jerusalem. Zeitschrift des Deutschen Palästina-Vereins 131/2, 2015, 201-207.

D. Vieweger, K. Palmberger, M. Serr, Neue Ausgrabungen auf dem Zionsberg. Welt und Umwelt der Bibel 3/2016, 70-72.

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