Aryballoi Tomb

3D Image

by Museo etrusco di Populonia Collezione Gasparri
published on 27 February 2017

Archaeological Park of Baratti and Populonia
Porcareccia Necropolis
Tomba degli Aryballoi (Aryballoi Tomb)
End of 7th BCE
Governmental excavations, 1933
Dimensions: diameter 7 m

The Aryballoi Tomb is a ‘high tumulus’ chamber tomb, with rectangular plan and walls composed of rows of uneven sandstone slabs. It is otherwise known as Tomb “of the propped-up door” due to the presence in situ of a big stone block used to prop up the large slab - also in situ -functioning as a door. The cell consists of a narrow lateral aisle and a big funerary recess filling the whole space of the chamber. Most of the grave goods have ended up in the Gasparri collection, but the inventory of artifacts made by Minto at the moment of the tomb’s discovery records a few jewellery items that are not included in the collection.

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