Cuicul Thermae


by Fanizza
published on 31 July 2012

Built in 183 AD in Djemila (Roman Cuicul) during the reign of the Emperor Commodus, these thermae known as the Baths of Caracalla cover an area of ​​2600 m2. Different rooms: lockers (apodyterium); gym; dry oven (laconicum); humid chamber (sudatorium) hot bath (caldarium), warm bath (tepidarium); cold bath (frigidarium) are distributed on a symmetrical plan. The walls were lined with marble, mosaic flooring, heated using a system called hypocaust. Water vapor, from an adjoining room where the fuel was heated (praefurnium), were evacuated in the thick walls. One of the heated rooms still has some of the double walls are needed to distribute hot air. The building continues to the north by a large paved terrace that offers a splendid panorama over the city.

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