Charioteer of Delphi


by Gina Pardo
published on 19 December 2017

The sculpture, whose artist's name is unknown, was probably donated by Gelon to the sanctuary of Apollo in Delphi to commemorate his victory in a chariot race in the 63th Olympiad of 488 BCE. It was supposed to represent the lord of Gela and was originally part of a larger bronze group that even included the chariot, at least four horses and possibly two grooms, all now been lost. The statue, standing upright, wears a long tunic tightened by a wide belt above the waist and still holds the reins in his hands. The votive inscription might have been interpolated by his brother Polyzelos, who scrapes the name of Gelon and inserts his own on the occasion of another victory, always in Olympia in 476 BCE (Pencil drawing by Gina Pardo)

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