The Pseudo Dolmen of Avola


published on 06 November 2017

The Pseudo Dolmen of Avola, so called because of doubts about its real nature. The monument is near the town of Avola, in south-eastern Sicily. The building, surrounded by dense and wild vegetation, essentially rests on two "pillars". It measures eight meters long and five and a half wide. On the surface of the slab, there are ten small rectangular incisions, perhaps tombs for children used in Greek or Paleochristian times. There are no dating items.

About the Author

Salvatore Piccolo
Salvatore Piccolo is an archaeologist. His excavations include the dolmens of Sicily where in "Cava dei Servi", he found human remains and ceramic fragments that have unravelled the mystery of the function and chronology of Mediterranean dolmens.

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  • Salvatore Piccolo. Ancient Stones: The Prehistoric Dolmens of Sicily. (UK: Thornam/Norfolk, 2013)
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