The Dolmen of Cava dei Servi


published on 06 November 2017

The Dolmen of Cava dei Servi, a few kilometers from Modica, in Sicily. It is a semi-oval monument formed by four rectangular slabs fixed into the ground and three slabs on top, leaning in such a way they reduce the surface and form a false dome. Two large parallel-piped boulders complete the construction. Inside of it, found by the author, were human bone fragments (the only organic clues so far found inside a Mediterranean dolmen) and some splinters of Castelluccian ceramics (Early Bronze Age) , which confirmed the burial purpose of the artefact and legitimised dating them back to the Sicilian early Bronze Age (c. 2200-1450 BCE).

About the Author

Salvatore Piccolo
Salvatore Piccolo is an archaeologist. His excavations include the dolmens of Sicily where in "Cava dei Servi", he found human remains and ceramic fragments that have unravelled the mystery of the function and chronology of Mediterranean dolmens.

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  • Salvatore Piccolo, Ancient Stones: The Prehistoric Dolmens of Sicily (UK: Thornam/Norfolk, 2013)

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