Coin of both Hermaios and Kujula Kadphises


published on 26 April 2012

AE tetradrachm
c. first half of 1st. Century
Weight:7.29 gm., Diam:22 mm., Die axis: 10h

Obverse: Hermaios-style diademed bust right
Greek legend around: BAΣIΛEΩΣ ΣTHPOΣΣV EPMAIOV (= of the King Hermaios the Saviour)
Reverse: Hercules standing facing, holding club and lion skin
Kharoshti legend around:
"Kujula Kasasa Kushana Yavugasa Dhramathidasa" (= of Kujula Kadphises ruler of the Kushans, steadfast in the Law")
Ref: MAC 2844.

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