Inside the Temple of Apollo at Didyma


published on 16 January 2014

This is a view down into the inner chamber or adyton of the Temple of Apollo at Didyma in present-day western Turkey. The temple was unique in that the adyton was sunk below the level of the temple platform. This picture was taken from the top of the ancient staircase that led from the top of the temple platform back down into the adyton. This area was also without a roof and was left unpaved, allowing for the cultivation of a grove of trees considered sacred to the god Apollo. The ruins of the naiskos or inner temple where the cult statue of Apollo was kept can be seen in the far back corner of the adyton. During the 5th or 6th century CE, local Christians built a church in this space. The apse of the church rested on this staircase and a baptistery was built over the remains of the naiskos.

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