Coin of Lysimachus


Branko van Oppen
by Classical Numismatic Group
published on 01 June 2019
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Coin of Lysimachus

The obverse of this gold coin (stater), minted under the authority of King Lysimachus of Thrace (r. 305-281 BCE), shows the deified portrait of Alexander the Great, wearing the royal fillet (diadema) with the ram's horn of Ammon; the reverse features the enthroned Athena Nikephoros (holding a figurine of Nike), her left arm leaning on a shield, with a spear in the background; the legend names King Lysimachus.

CNG no. 108 (16 May 2018) lot 42; courtesy of Victor England, the Classical Numismatic Group..

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  • de Callataÿ, F. "Les tétradrachmes de Lysimaque frappés à Callatis." Studii ÅŸi Cercetări de Numismatică, 11, pp. 55-58.

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