Coin of Amastris


Branko van Oppen
by Heritage Auctions
published on 01 June 2019
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Various suggestions have been proposed who may be depicted on the obverse reverse of this silver coin (stater) issued by Amastris (reigned c. 300 - 285 BCE) in Paphlagonia. Neither the youthful portrait nor the enthroned goddess may be a direct portrait of Amastris, but in both Greek and Persian terms they express her claim to rule as queen.

Silver stater, (Heritage 3061, 7 January 2018, lot 29140). Image courtesy of Heritage Auctions,

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  • de Callataÿ, F. "Le premier monnayage de la cité d’Amastris (Paphlagonie)." Schweizerische Numismatische Rundschau, 83, pp. 57-86.

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