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Madonna of Mercy, Orvieto


Arienne King
by Web Gallery of Art
published on 15 April 2019
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The Madonna of Mercy in the Orvieto (also known as Madonna of the Recommended) is a 14th Century CE tempura painting. This fresco is housed in the Chapel of the Corporal in the Orvieto Cathedral in Tuscany, Italy.

The painting portrays the Virgin Mary sheltering Dominican nuns and major benefactors of the Cathedral under her mantle. This fresco is one of many depictions of Mary covering praying devotees under her mantle from in Late Medieval Italy.

The painting was created c. 1350 but has been modified over the centuries, especially in the 19th century. The painting is usually attributed to the Italian painter Lippo Memmi (c. 1291 - 1356 CE), but this attribution has been questioned.

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