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Reconstructions of UNESCO World Heritage Sites


Arienne King
published on 21 August 2020
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This gallery presents six digital reconstructions of UNESCO World Heritage Sites threatened by forces like climate change, terrorism, and urbanization. Included are sites ranging from Jerusalem to Micronesia, with dates spanning from antiquity to the Spanish colonization of the Americas.

Reconstructions like these allow us to visualize what ancient sites would have looked like in their prime, and understand how they may have been originally constructed. These reconstructions can act like a record of architectural sites that may be damaged or destroyed in the future, safeguarding something of the past for new generations.


About the Author

Arienne King
Arienne King is a student and freelance writer with a passion for history, archaeology, and digital media. She runs the blog Birdcage of the Muses and is the Media Editor for Ancient History Encyclopedia.

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