Ancient Anatolia (Book published November 29, 2019)


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Author  Captivating History
Publication Date   November 29, 2019
Pages  118


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What sparks curiosity about ancient Anatolia, which makes up most of modern-day Turkey, in the minds of history lovers is the diversity of its peoples throughout its territories and time. This book seeks to present the most current view on the events that unfolded through the centuries of the Bronze and Iron Ages of Anatolia. The reader can follow the rise of some of the most famous empires in the world, as well as learn about the circumstances that led to their fall. From early settlements of nomadic tribes to the creation of vast empires, Anatolia changed its face numerous times throughout history. Not just territories and kingdoms changed, but the people inhabiting it also did so as well, in their language, culture, and religion.

Even though they were faced with a lack of evidence for certain periods of ancient Anatolia, or for certain peoples, historians seek to accurately paint the picture of the lives in all the various kingdoms of Anatolia. This book follows the Hittite Empire in its rise and fall. It discusses the Arameans and the influence of their culture on the civilized world, as well as the influence of the Luwians and their dispersion throughout Anatolia. Even if they were never able to organize a united Luwian Empire, they changed all the kingdoms they came in contact with. The effects of this ancient civilization can still be felt today as certain dialects of the Luwian language still exist in Anatolia.

In Ancient Anatolia: A Captivating Guide to Ancient Civilizations of Asia Minor, Including the Hittite Empire, Arameans, Luwians, Neo-Assyrian Empire, Cimmerians, Scythians, Persians, Romans, and More, you will discover topics such as
  • The Hittite Empire
  • The Aramean Confederation
  • The Luwians
  • The Neo-Assyrian Empire
  • The Cimmerians
  • The Scythians
  • The Persians
  • The Seleucid Empire and Romans in Anatolia
  • And much, much more!
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