The Achievements of the Deified Augustus (Book published October


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Author  Augustus Caesar
Publisher  Southgate Books
Publication Date   October 11, 2019


This is, perhaps, the most famous inscription left us by Antiquity. It is inscribed on marble in a building which was a temple of Augustus in Ancyra, Asia Minor, The original of this document seems to have been set up in bronze before the great Emperor's mausoleum in Rome, and this is one of the copies distributed through the provinces. It lists the achievements for which Augustus wished to be remembered.

This edition is based upon the translation into English published in the University of Pennsylvania’s "Historical Reprints" series and edited by William Stearns Davis, author of Outline History of the Roman Empire, The Influence of Wealth in Imperial Rome, Readings in Ancient History, and A Day in Old Athens: A Picture of Athenian Life.