Celts (Book published July 1, 2019)


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Author  Captivating History
Publication Date   July 1, 2019
Pages  110


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Today, the word Celtic means so many things. To most of us, it means something related to Ireland. We think of intricately designed Irish crosses, four-leaf clovers, and some of the more well-known stories of Celtic mythology. However, while Celtic culture has stayed alive in Ireland, its roots run much deeper, and they extend much farther than the small island nation off the coast of modern-day Great Britain.

The story of the Celts is one of a rapid rise to prominence followed by a slow decline due to the influence of the Romans. But even so, Celtic culture has remained strong in Europe and has been able to persist to this day. So, even though the Celts represent just a small part of today’s modern world, they are a massive part of its history, which means that studying the ancient Celts today is a great way to unlock some of the secrets buried in the depths of ancient history.

In Celts: A Captivating Guide to Ancient Celtic History and Mythology, Including Their Battles Against the Roman Republic in the Gallic Wars, you will discover topics such as
  • Who Were the Celts?
  • The Celtic Migrations
  • The Many Celtic Tribes of Europe
  • The Celtiberians
  • The Gallic Wars
  • The Insular Celts
  • Celtic Warriors
  • Celtic Way of Life
  • Celtic Religion
  • Celtic Art
  • And much, much more!
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