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Author  Interesting History
Publication Date   June 13, 2019
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Justin, I was a Byzantine emperor from 518 to 527, his reign became a prologue to the brilliant reign of his nephew Justinian I. The future Emperor began serving in the army in the reign of Leo as a simple soldier. He did not learn to write to the end of his life. During the Persian campaign, he commanded a separate military detachment. During the mutiny of 514-515, he participated in the defense of Constantinople and the breakthrough of the naval blockade of the city.

The entire Roman law, formally, was based on the Law of Twelve Tables. It contained a number of regulations that formed the basis of the entire Roman legal system. This law was never changed or supplemented, it was formally valid throughout the entire Roman history. This, of course, does not mean that the law was perfect. Far from that, but the pre-emptive Romans simply crossed over some obsolete regulations or adjusted them with an interpretation of the changed reality. Since they were a people that respected tradition, they never had the will to abolish or change it. They considered it a divine law, taught it in schools and considered it the basic source of all rights.

Justinian the Great 482 -565 was a Byzantine Emperor from 527 until his death in 565. Was the last Emperor that united the eastern and western parts of Rome