The Bondage and Travels of Johann Schiltberger... (Book published


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Author  Klaus Schwanitz
Publication Date   January 31, 2019



I, JOHANNS SCHILTBERGER, left my home near the city of Munich, situated in Bavaria, at the time that King Sigismund of Hungary left for the land of the Infidels. This was, counting from Christ’s birth, in the thirteen hundred and ninety-fourth year, with a lord named Leonhard Reichartinger. And I came back again from the land of the Infidels, counting from Christ’s birth, fourteen hundred and twenty seven.
All that I saw in the land of the Infidels, of wars, and that was wonderful, also what chief towns and seas I have seen and visited, you will find described hereafter, perhaps not quite completely, but I was a prisoner and not independent. But so far as I was able to understand and to note, so have I noted the countries and cities as they are called in those countries, and I here make known and publish many interesting and strange adventures, which are worth listening to.

Johann Schiltberger
Munich 1428 A.D.