Poland Under Nazi Rule 1939-1941 (Book published December 31


Book Details

Author  Thaddeus Chylinski
Publication Date   December 31, 2018
Pages  110


Thaddeus H. Chylinski wrote this extensive report on the situation in Poland during WWII under the Nazi Regime. He was a Vice-Consul serving in the Warsaw office from 1920-1941. This report has been declassified by the CIA under the Nazi War Crimes Disclosure Act. This report provides historians with an objective report of important topics: The early history of the war, various terrors (arrests, executions, hostages, conditions in the concentration camps, protests, confiscation of property.) Chylinski also reported on the condition of the people from the three social classes (cultured, working and peasant), and the minorities (Jews, Russians, French, Americans, etc.). Economic Conditions are detailed: fuel, food, clothing, relief and medical supplies. The Industries functioning in Germany are listed: communication and transportation (railways, postal system and telegraph) as are the authorities of the General Government, the Gestapo, and the Polish Police Force.The situation in education, science, art, and the press is detailed as is the status of the Polish Underground movement. Many other details are included.

The reader will appreciate the historical accuracy of the reporter who is unbiased and factual. Chylinski obviously had developed many contacts over his twenty years of public service during the inter-war period in Poland. This book is a valuable addition to the history of WWII and the Holocaust.