The Great Depression (Book published October 26, 2018)


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Author  Captivating History
Publication Date   October 26, 2018
Pages  102


Did you know that the unemployment rate between 1933 and 1934 was one in four people?

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The stock market crash of 1929 didn’t cause the Great Depression by itself, but it is a powerful symbolic starting point to the greatest economic disaster of the twentieth century. On that dark day in October 1929, fortunes were lost and fear of financial insecurity rose throughout the United States and the world. In 1932, the low point of the Depression, as much as a third of Americans were out of work and even more people were unemployed in other countries. The stock market reached its lowest point ever and wouldn’t rise to its pre-Depression levels for almost twenty years.

The scale of the crisis demanded new ways of coping and new ideas about the role of government. The ideas that had dominated American thought about the relationship between the economy and government were now viewed to be outdated at best, dangerous at worst.

This captivating history book aims to give you a better understanding of a period that contains many tragic stories yet powerful lessons.

In The Great Depression: A Captivating Guide to the Worldwide Economic Depression that Began in the United States, Including the Wall Street Crash, FDR's New deal, Hitler’s Rise and More, you will discover topics such as
  • Causes of the Great Depression 1918-1929
  • Herbert Hoover and the Early Years of the Depression
  • The Election of 1932
  • The 100 Days and FDR’s First Term, 1933-1937
  • FDR’s Second Term—Challenges and Critics
  • The Culture of the Depression
  • Sports and the Great Depression
  • The Outlaw Celebrity in the Great Depression
  • Population Shifts and the Culture of the Great Depression
  • International Issues and Concerns During the Depression
  • The Coming Storm and the End of the Depression
  • And much, much more!
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