Mesoamerican History (Book published October 15, 2018)


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Author  Captivating History
Publication Date   October 15, 2018
Pages  262


If you want to discover the captivating history of Mesoamerica, then keep reading...

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Four captivating manuscripts in one book:
  • Olmecs: A Captivating Guide to the Earliest Known Major Ancient Civilization in Mexico
  • Zapotec Civilization: A Captivating Guide to the Pre-Columbian Cloud People Who Dominated the Valley of Oaxaca in Mesoamerica
  • Maya History: A Captivating Guide to the Maya Civilization, Culture, Mythology, and the Maya Peoples’ Impact on Mesoamerican History
  • Aztec History: A Captivating Guide to the Aztec Empire, Mythology, and Civilization
Part one of this book includes:
  • Revolutionary Findings Provided by Modern Archaeological Detective Techniques
  • A Simple Explanation of Who the Olmecs Were and Where they Came From
  • Fascinating Discoveries of Olmec Art
  • Startling Theories About the Structure of Olmec Society and How They Interacted with Their Neighbors
  • The Truth of Why the Olmecs Were So Rich and the Powerful Components to Their Success
  • What There Is to Know About the Olmec Military
  • Amazing Insights Into Everyday Life of the Olmecs
  • Religion and Beliefs and How They Played an Essential Role in Olmec Society
  • Remarkable Innovations of the Olmecs
  • And much, much more!
Some of the topics covered in part two of this book include:
  • The Cloud People and their Domain
  • The Oaxaca Valley
  • Understanding the Zapotecs and Founding of Monte Albán in Phases
  • Early Agrarian Roots and the Building of a Civilization
  • Religion, Myths, Sacrifices, Rituals, and Power
  • The Royal Family and Class
  • The Religious Order
  • A Day in the Life of the Zapotecs
  • The Arts, Athletics, and Technology
  • The War against the Aztecs
  • The Conquistadors’ Arrival
  • The Fall of an Empire
  • And a Great Deal More You Don't Want to Miss Out On!
Part three of this book includes:
  • Revolutionary Findings Provided by Modern Archaeological Detective Techniques
  • A Simple Explanation of the Maya Civilization and Its Location
  • Fascinating Discoveries of Maya Art
  • Remarkable Insights into the Maya Government and Society
  • A Startling Exploration of the Mayans Everyday Life
  • Amazing Insights into Myths, Legends, Gods and Beliefs of the Maya People, Including Shocking Findings Related to Human Sacrifice
  • Warfare
  • The Spanish Conquest and Its Impact
  • From Colonial Times to Today
  • And much, much more!
In part four of this book, you will discover topics such as:
  • Where Did the Aztecs Live?
  • The Truth About Who the Aztecs Really Were
  • Remarkable Insights into Government, City-States, and Expansion
  • The Arrival of the Spanish and the Decline of the Empire
  • A Day in the Life of an Aztec Citizen
  • The Sovereign, the Dignitaries, and the Nobles
  • Agriculture and Diet
  • Religion
  • Shocking Discoveries of Human Sacrifice
  • And much, much more!

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