The Roman Empire (Book published October 13, 2018)


Book Details

Author  Srdjan Kotarlic
Publication Date   October 13, 2018
Pages  36


The Roman Empire was one of the most powerful forces the world has ever seen. But this isn’t just the story of conquest or the incredible system of institutions that made it possible.

The Roman Empire is not yet another boring historical topic. On the contrary, it wakes our imagination, scares us, and entertains us.

This is the story of the fascinating men and women—the emperors, their wives, parents, brothers, sisters, and children—who gave the empire its characteristic charm. Some of them, like Marcus Aurelius and Antoninus Pius, were virtuous and wise; others—like Caligula, Commodus, and Caracalla—were monstrous, insane predators whose thirst for blood and sexual habits were beyond believable.

This is the story of the most important people and events between the two crucial events – the rise of Augustus in the first century BC and the final sack of Rome in the late fifth century AD.

Some of the topics covered in this book include:

From the Republic to the Empire: The Rise of Octavian
The Age of Augustus
The Julio-Claudian Dynasty After Augustus: From Tiberius to Nero
Civil War and the Year of the Four Emperors (AD 68–69)
The Flavians
The Nerva-Antonine Dynasty: The Five Good Emperors (and a Couple of Not So Good Ones)
Some New Emperors
Crises, Civil Wars, and Divisions: The Long and Painful Decline
Two Empires: East and West