Roman History (Book published June 15, 2018)


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Author  Captivating History
Publication Date   June 15, 2018
Pages  202


If you want to discover captivating stories of people and events of ancient Rome then keep reading...

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Three captivating manuscripts in one book:

Some of the topics covered in part 1 of this book include:

  • The Past that Made It Possible: The Foundation of Rome between Myth and History
  • Down with the Kings: The Past that Made It Happen
  • Early Republic
  • Military Achievements of Early Republic: Taking Italy
  • Middle Republic: The Punic Wars and Mediterranean Dominance
  • The Military vs. Cultural Dominance: The Roman Civilization meets the Greek World
  • Limitless Power and the Beginning of the End: The Late Republic
  • The Age of the Generals: Pompeius, Crassus, and Caesar
  • Senatus Populus-Que Romanus (SPQR) and Its Downfall
  • The Rise and Fall of Julius Caesar and the End of the Roman Republic

Some of the topics covered in part 2 of this book include:

  • From the Republic to the Empire: The Rise of Octavian
  • The Age of Augustus
  • The Julio-Claudian Dynasty After Augustus: From Tiberius to Nero
  • Civil War and the Year of the Four Emperors (AD 68–69)
  • The Flavians
  • The Nerva-Antonine Dynasty: The Five Good Emperors (and a Couple of Not So Good Ones)
  • Some New Emperors
  • Crises, Civil Wars, and Divisions: The Long and Painful Decline
  • Two Empires: East and West
  • And a Great Deal More You Don't Want to Miss Out On!

In part 3 of Roman History: A Captivating Guide to Ancient Rome, Including the Roman Republic, the Roman Empire and the Byzantium, you will...

  • explore a story of power and glory, anarchy and order, paganism and Christianity, war and peace, the West and the East
  • get familiar with the roots of the greatest controversies that defined the history of Europe and the entirety of Western civilization – the conflict between the Catholic and Orthodox churches, and the one between Christianity and Islam
  • discover stories of remarkable emperors you’ve never heard of and about the astonishing bravery of Graeco-Roman heroes such as Constantine Dragases, who resisted the Ottomans until the end, and Belisarius, who fought the Persians to reconquer what used to be the Western Empire
  • learn more about the entire era called the Byzantine Empire in less time compared to reading boring textbooks
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