Pharos -- A Lighthouse for Alexandria (Book published November


Book Details

Author  Thomas Clarie
Publisher  Back Channel Press
Publication Date   November 29, 2016
Pages  276


This work takes a wide, fresh look at the Lighthouse of Alexandria, built in 279 B.C. as one of the Seven Wonders of the World. Since the original book is out of print, this Kindle version makes it available at a reasonable price, instead of paying out-of-print prices of $200 or more. The city was built to proclaim Alexandria the Pearl of the Mediterranean, serving as a beacon of freedom, acceptance, and intellectual fervor for centuries. Alexander the Great, Julius Caesar, Mary Anton, Cleopatra, and Napoleon all saw the lighthouse site. Weakened by the effects of earthquakes, wind, waves, and coastal sinking, the actual lighthouse was finally destroyed in 1349 A.D. In the past few decades, divers, researchers, and UNESCO have worked hard to discover artifacts at this coast and bring Alexandria the historic recognition it deserves.