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Author  Flavio Davito
Publication Date   July 22, 2016
Pages  158


When life begun? Is the Darwinian theory the genesis of the human race ? And how life on planet Earth was initiated by an extraterrestrial race?
The Supersapiens is a meticulous research of the history of mankind based on FACTS , weaving together the Sumerian tablets, the Egyptian hieroglyphs, the Greek and Hindus mythology and the Maya cosmology.
Those facts established the origin on planet Earth from PLANET MARS .Documentary evidence are depicted within the archeological sites around our planet.
Life and death control our unconscious domain traveling to a different time zone and it is linked with a cosmic phenomena known as the cult of the bull.
The Supersapiens is the evidence of this superior race that established the notion of the civilized man on planet Earth.
The Supersapiens'eye is linked with the cosmos and the symbolic language of the Gods.
They still live within us.

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