The Echoes of Babylon


The Echoes of Babylon: The Rise and Fall of Three Great Republics

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Author  Michael Hastings
Publisher  Piscataqua Press
Publication Date   March 30, 2016
Pages  430


Twenty-eight centuries separate the birth of the Roman republic from the United States of America in the twenty-first century. To many it would seem that advances in technology and centuries of human experience would insulate our current society from the mistakes of the past.

The Echoes of Babylon examines the historical and social tendencies within the world's three great republics. Perhaps not immediately recognized by many, the three republics have a shared experience, as the United States was a former British colony and Great Britain was once subordinate to the Roman Empire.

Whereas history is sometimes considered a dull, dry affair, or an amalgamation of names and dates, in the Echoes of Babylon, history is presented in the context of sequential events, highlighting similar attempts in the direction of human affairs, which have led to similar fates within the world's three greatest republics.

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