The Silver Pharaohs


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Author  Benjamin Collado Hinarejos
Publication Date   March 10, 2016
Pages  40


On February 27, 1939, while Europe looked askance at Germany, where Hitler continued his political maneuvers and verbal escalation, a French Egyptologist, Pierre Montet, entered into what looked like a tomb plundered many centuries ago among the fertile palm groves of the Nile Delta. On the walls of the underground chamber could be seen engraved the name of Takelot II, sovereign of the XXII dynasty. What that man had just discovered was nothing less than the lost Necropolis of the pharaohs of Tanis, which contained some of the most awesome treasures found in Egypt.
This discovery presents the paradox of being the one who brought out not one, but three intact royal tombs, and yet being one of the least known episodes of Egyptian archeology. The reason: it came at the worst possible moment, just when the world faced in astonishment the beginning of one of the largest military confrontations known so far to humanity.
Even, very few people know that these amazing facts were used as a base to develop the plot of the film Raiders of the Lost Ark
This is the story of that discovery.

This book is included in my "History Short Reads" series, in which I present episodes or specific aspects of history with a special appeal to the general public. I intend to do this without neglecting the depth and quality at any time, and always in an entertaining tone which I hope will delight all history lovers.
Although the covered topics could fill more voluminous works, I made an effort of synthesis, avoiding the more technical aspects, and always looking for concise narratives that would allow us to read them at a stretch.
I hope you enjoy it.

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