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Author  Myles Justus
Publication Date   August 19, 2014
Pages  41


DISCOVER:: The Amazing History of Egyptian Mythology

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Take a stroll with the Gods, Kings, and Pharaohs of Ancient Egypt!

Egyptian mythology has always fascinated the world, but what many people don’t remember is that it was actually an Egyptian religion. It has many fascinating aspects, and over one hundred gods and goddesses. Some of these gods and goddesses purposely meld together to show their importance and the principle that they most represent.

Learn about the birth from the chaotic waters of Nun to the birth of the gods. Like most religions, Egyptian mythology believes that the world was birthed from nothingness that turned into something, as the island of Benben rose so did the solar god Ra.

Though, it’s not just Egyptian gods and goddesses that make up their mythology and culture. There is still the stories that teach the people to live by the principles of Ma’at, a goddess of justice, honesty, and lawfulness. The feather of Ma’at would be weighed against their hearts, and an afterlife may or may not be achieved.

Egyptians focused on how to live, contrary to popular belief where many think they were obsessed with the afterlife. Egyptian mythology and legends are complex in nature, as many of their religious aspects fell in and out of favor as the patron cities rose and fell.

This book will give you an idea of what Egyptian life was like in regards to the introduction of their religion and myth. So enter the enthralling world of Egyptian mythology and see the tales that are spun and the stories that are told.

7 Reasons to Buy this Book

1.Learn about the top 20 gods and goddesses in Egyptian mythology and the important role they played in everyday life inside this book.

2.This book teaches you about the beginning in the eyes of the Egyptian religion and how it was believed that all rose from the chaotic waters of Nun.

3.Learn the story of how the afterlife was supposedly created through the death and resurrection of Osiris in this book.

4.This book tells how Horus battled Set to reclaim the throne of the gods in Egyptian mythology.

5.This book teaches about the spiritual importance of the pyramid and how it relates to what the Egyptians believed to be the parts of the soul.

6.In this book you’ll find the tales and legends of Egyptian mythology that don’t necessarily revolve around the gods.

7.This book shows how the main gods and goddesses were born, as well as how humanity was created in Egyptian mythology.

What You’ll Learn about Egyptian Mythology

•How it All Began in Egyptian Mythology
•Usurping A God: A How To
•The King & The Gods
•A Guide to the Gods of Ancient Egypt
•The Woes of Mortality & The Afterlife to Come
•The Myth Surrounding Mummification
•What the Gods Did & Immortalization in the Pantheon
•Egyptian Tales to Know & Learn From
•Egyptian Monuments & The Parts of the Soul

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