Egyptian Mythology


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Author  Martin R. Phillips
Publisher  Hill Tech Ventures Inc.
Publication Date   July 14, 2014
Pages  76


~ EGYPTIAN MYTHOLOGY ~ **Limited Edition**

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From the ~Ancient Civilizations and Mythology~ collection and the award winning writer, Martin R. Phillips, comes a masterful explanation of the Egyptian's mythology. From the gods to the pharaohs to all of the ancient legends and the folk lore, this book has it all!

"An excellent depiction of the Egyptian's mythology... amazing stuff!" - Alex Lemmings, Book Critique

Topics of Discussion

✓ The Creation
✓ How to Usurp a God
✓ Morality, Life, Death and the Afterlife
✓ The Pantheon and the Deeds of the Gods
✓ Two Tales of the Ancients
✓ Monuments and the Parts of the Soul
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