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Author  D.M. Alon
Publisher  Numinosity Press Inc
Publication Date   May 2, 2014
Pages  18


As the Roman Empire swept through Europe, it conquered almost all the lands it came across. It became the most hated empire the world had ever known. Despite their great success at subjecting the known world, they did not achieve these victories without a fight. Throughout their conquests, they met with fierce resistance. These various resistance movements culminated in numerous wars. Some wars lasting for several bloody years and some, not so long. It took a special person to even dare defy Roman Rule.

One of these special people was Boudicca, ( Often spelled Boudica or Boudicea) ,born around A.D 25 to a Royal family of the Briton tribe of Iceni, in Celtic Britain. Not very much is known about her life, much of it remains somewhat of a mystery. The little information we have comes from two prominent historians; Cassius Dio (A.D. 150-235) and Publius Cornealius Tacitus ( A.D 56-117).

From what we can glean from these two men about Boudicca is fascinating. When Rome humiliated her and her people. She, in her righteous anger faced Rome head-on; rallying her people against them. In many ways, she is one of the great heroines of history.

In this book, we will discuss, ever so briefly, Boudicca, The Flame-Haired Warrior Queen.

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