Rome’s Wars with Hannibal - The Story...


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Author  Nanami SHIONO
Publisher  SHINCHOSHA Publishing Co., Ltd.
Publication Date   May 8, 2014
Pages  384


In the late 3rd century B.C., the Romans, undisputed masters of Italy, faced their first great national crisis. The Punic Wars pit the burgeoning Roman Republic against Carthage, then the Mediterranean’s dominant power. In the wake of Hannibal’s unprecedented crossing of the Alps into Italy with an army of elephants, the Roman people placed their fate-and supreme power-in the hands of a young consul named Scipio Africanus. Will that decision lead to triumph or ruin?

Chapter One The First Punic War (264 BC-241 BC)
Chapter Two The Aftermath of the First Punic War (241 BC-219 BC)
Chapter Three The First Phase of the Second Punic War (219 BC-216 BC)
Chapter Four The Interim Phase of the Second Punic War (215 BC-211 BC)
Chapter Five The Last Phase of the Second Punic War (210 BC-206 BC)
Chapter Six The Final Phase of the Second Punic War (205 BC-201 BC)
Chapter Seven The Aftermath of the Punic Wars (200 BC-183 BC)
Chapter Eight The Fall of Macedonia (179 BC-167 BC)
Chapter Nine The Fall of Carthage (149 BC-146 BC)
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