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Author  D.M. Alon
Publisher  Numinosity Press Inc
Publication Date   March 12, 2014
Pages  29


Many are the exploits of Romes Emperors, but few Emperors were as infamous as Caligula. His reign was short, just under 4 years. During that time he wallowed in depravity and lunacy. He came to power with the full backing of the people, but little did they know he would inspire their hatred soon into his reign. Caligula is a fascinating character because he is so complex. What caused his madness? Was he sick with a brain disease? Did he have high amounts of lead in his system as some would suggest? Or perhaps he was driven mad by life circumstances. No one will truly know what caused him to act the way that he did.

His upbringing initially was quite good; he was on track to have a good “stable” life. This would all change however as one by one, members of his family die by the vicious hand of the Emperor Tiberius. As he grows up without family members who loved him he slowly formed his character in this vacuum of affection. A character so maligned and hated that he would go down as one of the most evil people in history. In this volume of Interviews with History, we will cover, ever so briefly, the life of this tortured soul

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