Atlantis and the Pillars of Hercules


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Author  Arysio Santos
Publisher  Arysio Santos
Publication Date   February 19, 2014
Pages  419


A widespread mistake of Atlantologists in general, and of the modern ones in particular, is to believe that Plato’s reference to the Pillars of Hercules as marking the position of Atlantis could only have meant the Strait of Gibraltar. Passages such as the above one of Seneca attest that both Hercules and Dionysus, as well as other ancient heroes such as Atlas and Osiris, indeed planted their pillars, their graven columns, their stelae in the Far Eastern shores of the Indian Ocean, in the region that now corresponds to that of Indonesia. In fact, such pillars or columns decorated most crucial straits just about everywhere the ancient Phoenicians sailed. And the Phoenicians sailed to all parts of the world!

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