Inanna Dead?


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Author  Clyde Hostetter
Publication Date   February 15, 2014
Pages  53


A nude Mesopotamian goddess enters the land of the dead, expecting to be killed, but confident that she will be resurrected. The wisest god in the ancient land of Sumer comes to her rescue after she has been executed and hung on a hook in the palace of her sister, the Queen of Hell. A myth? The astronomer-priests of Sumeer saw it happen more than 4000 years ago and wrote a detailed report with a sharpened reed on a tablet of damp clay. It apparently the earliest report ever written by skilled observers of celestial events. And it has a happy ending back in the land of Sumer. If you have a computer you can see for yourself using NASA-based data that has recreated day by day views of the skies of Mesapotamia when Inanna was deciding to risk her life on a visit to the land of the dead. One software package, CyberSky will give you a free 30-day look at desert skies thounsands of years before the Wise Men began their journet to Bethleham.

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