Philip and Olympias


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Author  Peter Messmore
Publisher  Peter Messmore
Publication Date   October 20, 2013
Pages  380


Philip and Olympias: A Novel of Ancient Macedon was meticulously researched and written over ten years. It is the product of scholarly and recreational reading about the ancient world. Over two hundred books, articles and related sources were reviewed in the preparation of Philip and Olympias. The author visited historical locations, ancient history museums and archaeological sites in Greece, Turkey, Egypt and Macedonia described in Philip and Olympias. These sites included: Athens, Thessaloniki, Pella and Vergina (Aegae) in Greece and Ephesus (Turkey) and Cairo (Egypt).

The historical fiction novel tells the story of the parents of Alexander the Great, King Philip II and Queen Olympias (Myrtle) of Macedon. Here too, are some of history's greatest figures. Alexander is born and comes of age. Philip's antagonist, Demosthenes, devotes his life to halting the demise of Athenian democracy. The not-yet-great philosopher, Aristotle, becomes Alexander's teacher and attempts to bring civilization to the Macedonian royal family.

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