The History and Culture of the Indian...


The History and Culture of the Indian People: Volume 2. The Age of Imperial Unity

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Author  R.C.Majumdar
Publisher  Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan
Publication Date   January 1, 2001
Pages  788

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Beginning with a kaleidoscopic picture of the general condition of North India in the 6th century B C this second volume for the History and Culture of the Indian People depicts in full detail the growth of the Magadhan empire and the Persian and Macedonian invasions and surveys the sway of the various dynasties like the Mauryas the Sungas the Yavanas the Sakas the Pahlavas the Kushanas the Saka Satraps the Satavahanas the Chedis and the Vakatakas New light is thrown on interesting old problems such as the Kanishka era the Vikrama and Saka Samvat The history of South India and Ceylon during this period is treated at length The special feature is the detailed treatment given to language and literature political theory and administrative systems law and legal institutions social and economic conditions education and architecture sculpture and fine arts The rise of Buddhism Jainism Vaishnavaism Saivism and minor religious sects and the evolution of the different philosophical system are adequately described The history of the period is rounded off with a chapter on India and the Western World and Colonial and Cultural Expansion

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