The Story of the Goths


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Author  Henry Bradley
Publisher  Didactic Press
Publication Date   July 30, 2013
Pages  408


The story of the Germanic tribes that crossed the Danube into the frontier of the Roman Empire and ultimately caused the collapse of Rome in the West. From their beginnings in the east to the fall of the Visigtohic kingdom in Spain in the early 8th century.

Contents include:

Who Were the Goths
From the Baltic to the Danube
Fire and Sword in Asia
The Goths and Constantine
The Gothic Alexander
The Judges of the Visigoths
The Apostle of the Goths
Frithigern and Valens
The Goths and Theodosius
Alaric the Balthing
King Atawulf and His Queen
The Kingdom of Toulouse
End of the Western Empire
The Boyhood of Theoderic
The Rival Namesakes
How the Ostrogoths Won Italy
The Wisdom of Theoderic
Theoderic and His Neighbours
Theoderic's Evil Days
A Queen's Troubles
An Unkingly King
Witigis the Unready
The Year-Long Siege
Witigis in Hiding
The Goths Lose Ravenna
New Gothic Victories
Failure of Belisarius
Ruin of the Ostrogoths
The Visigoths Again
Leovigild and His Sons
The Goths Become Catholic
A Priest Ridden Kingdom
The Story of Wamba
Thirty Years of Decay
The Fall of the Visigoths
Personal Names

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