Real Scythians


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Author  Momir Nikic
Publication Date   May 30, 2013
Pages  120


Origin and language of Scythians have interested both ancient and modern researchers since Herodotus introduced this great people onto the scene of history. The theory that Scythians are the branch of Iranian stock is still dominant today. But many puzzles remain unsolved and contradictions are flagrant. Transformed to scientific dogma this theory wiped out identity of a great people, making Scythians victims of unprecedented scientific genocide, buried under scholastic misunderstandings and prejudices. This essay offers different approach based on new reading of Herodotus, the main source for Scythians. Combining many disciplines (historiography, linguistics, anthropology) author demonstrates that more promising perspective is to explain Scythian language from Indo-Aryan. Scythian language, mythology, genealogy are reconstructed from scratch. The new vista might have direct influence on understanding not only of Scythian world but also of Indo-European histo ry in early times.

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