Fertile Ground


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Publisher  Oxbow Books
Publication Date   September 1, 2005
Pages  166

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The fourteen papers in this volume focus on the environmental archaeology of Britain, uncovering a rich seam of evidence from a variety of flora and fauna, including worms and bees, as well as rivers, estuaries and woodland. CONTENTS:Susan Limbrey - A Tribute (D. Smith, W. Smith and M. B. Brickley); Fertile Ground: Papers in Honour of Susan Limbrey - An Introduction (D. Smith, W. Smith and M. B. Brickley); Ten Years on from Whither Environmental Archaeology?: The Current State of Environmental Archaeology in Britain (M. B. Brickley, W. Smith and D. Smith); New World Dogs: Theory and Practice (D. Brothwell); The Severn-Wye Revisited: Lateglacial-Holocene Floodplain Palaeoenvironments in the Lugg Valley (A. G. Brown, J. Hatton, L. Pearson, R. Roseff and R. Jackson); Wondering about Worms: Stones, Soil and Stratigraphy (M. G. Canti); Holocene Relative Sea Level Change in the Severn Estuary: Regional and National Perspectives (D. Druce); Changing Fluvial Conditions and Landscapes in the Trent Valley: A Review of Palaeoentomological Evidence (M. Greenwood and D. Smith); Manuring Practices in Antiquity: A Review of the Evidence (E. Guttmann, I. Simpson and D. Davidson); The History of Woodland Management during the 19th and 20th Centuries in the Pindos Mountains, NW Greece (C. Hall); Cultural and Environmental Influences on Late Holocene Landscape Change in the Lesser Antilles: Some Preliminary Observations from Nevis (J. Heathcote); Honeybees (Apis mellifera Linnaeus) from Archaeological Deposits in Britain (H. Kenward); Microstratigraphy and Micromorphology: Contributions to Interpretation of the Neolithic Settlement at Catalhi, Turkey (W. Matthews); Health in Romano-British Urban Communities: Reflections from the Cemeteries (R. Redfern and C. Roberts).

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