Unmistakably Black


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Author  Anu M'Bantu
Publisher  Pomegranate Publishing
Publication Date   April 8, 2013
Pages  41


The most ancient people of Syria and Anatolia were Unmistakably Black! Sculptures from Anatolia show such people present in the 19th century BC. Painted murals from Syria show such people as far back as the 18th century BC. They continue to be represented until the 3rd century AD in Syria and until the 8th century BC in Anatolia. In Syria they were an extension of the civilisation of Mesopotamia but in Anatolia they represented the foundation of the Hittite civilisation.

Most Black people have never heard of the Hattians or Black Syrians of ancient times. It is important to educate ourselves and also our children about our true history for us to witness the positive impact it can have on their education. Such photographic e-books as this are ideal because they can see for themselves where we were and what we achieved.

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