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Publisher  Tekakwitha Institute
Publication Date   October 18, 1988
Pages  20


Articles include Hardaway Side-Notched: Unusual Northern Virginia Fund; Grinding Stones: Their Manufacture and Use; The Atlatl: Forward Step in Technology; Virginia's Jeffrey-Harris Rockshelter: The Artifacts; Selected Alabama Points: Paleo and Archaic; Early Archaic Palmer from Fort Belvoir; Two Early Points from Zekiah Swamp. The the Introduction: The reflections on the Hardaway could not have been written were it not for the work of professional archaeologist Joffre Coe coupled with the work of Floyd Painter and Rodney Peck, two of the Middle Atlantic's most knowledgeable amateur archaeologists. Also, the insights on the balancing spear-thrower weights, and the food preparation tools were made possible because of shared research and experimentation with replicas. The crucial importance of reporting finds, upon which other studies can be based or expanded, is recognized and supported, therefore the rock shelter artifacts and the early Alabama materials are included. In addition, the Paleo, the Palmer, and the Kirk are presented not only because of their great age (several thousand years before the birth of Christ), but also because their publication will help others "unravel the travels" of ancient America's earliest inhabitants.

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