Egyptian Pharoahs


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Author  Martin Howard
Publisher  Fall River Press
Publication Date   September 21, 2017
ISBN  1435104072
Pages  192


From the Jacket Flap: "Almost two-and-a-half thousand years after the death of Queen Cleopatra, Ancient Egypt's rulers still fascinate us more than any other line of kings and queens in history. The scale of the monuments they raised has never been surpassed and many of the mysteries they embodied still elude us today. For three thousand years these mighty monarchs reigned over a complex culture with complete authority, holding the power of life and death over all citizens, and claiming kinship to the gods themselves. Illustrated throughout with superb photographs of relics and monuments, this book is a historical journey through the lives and time os the pharaohs. From the earliest, almost mythical, kings who united Lower and Upper Egypt, through the great monarchs whose names still chime down the eons - such as Ramesses the Great, Akhenaten, Tutankhamun, Cleopatra - to those less well known, but no less significant, it details three thousand years of wonder...."

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