Folkhlore ; Death , then Life ...


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Author  David Freeman
Publisher  CreateSpace
Publication Date   January 25, 2013
Pages  606


Forged within the shadows of Ancient Rome ... both BC , and AD , as well as from the feet of the Christe`himself , a bloodline would eventually find its way to 1500's Northern Europe - selfishly , sadistically , and defiantly , conquered and enslaved through one woman ... Vonchesca Barringstonne . Through countless violent centuries of blood, and controlled mayhem - thousands of lives would be forever sacrificed to help afford the many different crowns she had worn . The Princess would eventually , and fatefully guide herself upon a self-serving Clan bred through the blood of Rome - nestling itself within the safety of a Valley just to the West of the Moursheb Hills . There , she would find Yorris Folkhe - a Father , warrior , craftsman , respected Elder , and what she hoped would be a steadfast , and proper Loyal to her bloodline . But , what she , and her vile Brother Palchek did not realize - was that honor , Brotherhood , loyalty , and vengeance meant more to Yorris Folkhe , than the immortal life she selfishly forced upon him through her own bloodlust ...

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