Collection Of Ancient Near East Volume 1


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Publication Date   January 21, 2013
Pages  1765


About The Book:

This book presents a clear, concise history of the extraordinarily multicultural civilizations of the ancient Near East. Beginning with the emergence of writing around 3000 bc, the narrative ranges from the origins of the first cities in Mesopotamia, through the growth of the Babylonian and Hittite kingdoms, to the Assyrian and Persian empires. It ends with the transformation of the ancient Near East by the conquests of Alexander the Great. Incorporating the most recent discoveries and scholarship, the book provides both an account of political and military events and a survey of the cultures and societies of the ancient Near East. Each chapter includes a key research question or text, such as the use of the Bible as a historical source, the Epic of Gilgamesh, and the Assyrian royal annals. It is essential reading for anyone interested in this crucial period in world history.

In this collection 12 books are there :-

1.Adapa And The Food Of Life
2.Descent Of The Goddess Ishtar Into The Lower World
3.Ishtar And Izdubar
4.Legends Of Babylon And Egypt
5.Myths Of Babylonia And Assyria
6.Records of the Past 2nd series Vol. I
7.Records Of The Past 2nd Series Vol. II
8.Records Of The Past 2nd Series Vol. III
9.Records of the Past 2nd Series Vol. IV
10.Sumerian Mythology
11.The Chaldean Account of the Deluge
12.The Code of Hammurabi

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