Mesopotamia 681 - Part 1


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Author  Mourad Mourad
Publisher  Max Books
Publication Date   December 17, 2011
Pages  79


Three men and one woman from different times and places receive a divine summons. As four knights of God (Osahar, Hadi, Chika and Stephen) must take on a double mission. First, they must help Pygmalion avenge the murder of his family at the hands of Sennacherib, King of Assyria. Then they must find the priceless treasure of Hammurabi in Babylon.

They travel in time to the Phoenician city of Sidon in the year 681 BC. From there begins the gruelling journey to Mesopotamia, where they must face almost unbelievable danger.

The mission of the four knights sparks off a bloody civil war in Nineveh - so bloody that they wonder if the orders they received were divine or satanic. While trying to find the answer to this question in Babylon, they become more confused after meeting beings with supernatural powers. Their quest to find the treasure of Hammurabi means that they have to battle against the old deities and their Master.

Fantasy? Entirely imaginary? No - all the extraterrestrial creatures in this novel are mentioned in holy books and histories. MESOPOTAMIA 681 is philosophic fiction, but it's based on fact. This unique book is not just an exciting adventure story: it raises innumerable questions of faith and morality. Whether you are a believer, an atheist or an agnostic, this gripping novel will take you on an enthralling journey into the depths of your own soul.

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