Troy. Legend, History, Literature


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Author  Samuel G. W. Benjamin
Publisher  Lecturable
Publication Date   January 3, 2013
Pages  91


"The time seems to have come for a fuller version of the Trojan legend, without either addition or important omission, as it was familiarly known to the ancients, who had access to many epics and traditions of which we have no knowledge except by extracts or allusions... In no one place can an entire account of the legend now be found. It is scattered in fragments throughout the epic, dramatic, philosophic, and critical writings of antiquity still extant, and is given with more or less fullness by modern historians; but is nowhere, so far as the writer is aware, presented in its complete form. This volume is intended to meet this hiatus and to gather in a connected narrative the various scattered members of a great story... The events described in the Iliad are given in a degree proportioned to the rest of the legend. The second part of this volume includes a synopsis of the stupendous controversy which has been waged for ages regarding Troy and the origin of the Homeric Poems. To this is added a sketch of the investigations of dr. Schliemann and other archeologists on the plains of Troy." - S. G. W. Benjamin

Contents: The Legend. The Youth of Paris. Helen. The Greeks at Aulis. The Wrath of Achilles. Combat of Menelaus and Paris. Storming of the Greek Camp. Death of Hector. Fall of Achilles. Sack of Troy. Destiny of the Victors. Literature and Topography of Troy. Origin of the Legend. Homer. German Criticism on Homer. English Criticism of Homer. Historic Evidences of the Trojan War. Site of Troy.

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