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Author  Helios Panthera
Publisher  Helios Panthera
Publication Date   January 1, 2013
Pages  355


Echoing across the desert sands for millennia, reaching out to us from the extraordinary cradle of civilization, is an insistent, powerful mythology bursting to be told…

This is the story of the Gods and Goddesses of Sumeria focused on Inanna, the morning light, the evening light, the first daughter of the moon, the goddess of war, the goddess of love, the lady of myriad offices.

Inanna, Princess of Heaven, First Daughter of the Moon…wanted more. She wanted power, real power; the name of Inanna should be exalted; her fame should spread throughout Sumeria. She should be a queen, not a princess. To accomplish all that she desired she needed the ‘me’s’, the universal decrees of divine authority, the divine invocations that controlled arts, crafts, and civilization. The me’s though were currently in the possession of the second most powerful and important being on earth, the God Enki, the Lord of Wisdom.

Inanna devised a dangerous, cunning plan to wrest the me’s from this powerful entity; but she didn’t anticipate the sweet allure of Lord Enki’s extraordinarily handsome and honey voiced son Dumuzi. She couldn’t have predicted her dark desire for her sister Ereshkigal’s rich and secret domain either.

Thankfully Inanna could rely on the en priestess Ninsibur, her loyal, dependable, constant support and envoy of reliable words who was eternally devoted to the goddess. Besides, thanks to the tree of life and the sacred ritual of the Apkallu griffin she was immortal. She was going to live forever…or was she?

121, 876 words.

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