Armageddon Now


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Author  Paul Trowbridge
Publisher  T. Rex
Publication Date   December 27, 2012
Pages  102


Prophecies of the end of the world are as old as human civilization. The most famous of these is the prophecy of the War of Armageddon as described in the book of Revelation.
Apocalyptic visions abound of the end of the world, of nuclear war, of all the nations of the world gathered together in the valley of Har Megeddon, for one last war over Jerusalem just 55 miles north of the valley of Jezreel (Har Megeddon).
But humanity is already deeply committed to the last battle, the last war. We will show that we are nearly at the end of a one hundred year cycle of wars, where the last war creates the conditions for the next and more terrible war. That the governments of man are coming to an end, to be replaced by a prophetic, at first, invisible government of God.
Armageddon, far from being something to fear, is to mark the end of the failed experiment of man ruling man by external forces and means. In a very real, yet mystical sense, this war is taking place in each human being, to finally come to the place of self-rule, by our own spirits in communion with the spirit of God.

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